The 1440 Method: How to Gain 3 to 30 Extra Hours Per Week

As you know TIME is an invaluable resource that you will NEVER get back… 

Each day you have 1,440 minutes and 1/3 of that is spent sleeping, leaving you with less than 1,000 minutes to move the needle on your goals and contribution to our world.

Most people  (including myself at times 😉 get stuck spending ungodly amounts of time scrolling through social feeds, replying to emails and more low value, busy work.

Here at DH, we believe your potential is truly infinite and it is our mission to help you share your gift with the world. To help you do that, we created the 1440 Method.

Watch the video and when you’re ready to implement, here are the resources and templates you’ll need:

  1. Use this to calculate your Target Daily Value and maximize the ROI of each minute of your day
  2. Use this to automate your time tracking and daily value calculation using Toggl + Zapier
  3. When you’re ready to start outsourcing, use this Step-by-step Guide to Hire your First (or next) Virtual Assistant
  4. As a special bonus, here’s the world famous 25 Hour Workweek template to help you design your workweek based on your goals and values

Want more resources like this plus ongoing support and accountability? Click here to join the waitlist for our membership program.

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