2019 Reflections from 8 Days Off the Grid

I hope every one of us is ready for the best year of your lives.

Wanted to share some thoughts on why you should never feel guilty about disconnecting, and why it’s essential.

I spent the last 8 days on the Colombian coast, completely disconnected from my business and from social media, yet more connected to life and the present moment more than ever…

To start the trip we took a 2 day, 12 hour drive through some of the most gorgeous mountains I’ve ever seen.

After the loOoOoOong but beautiful drive, we celebrated New Year’s Eve at a 5-star hotel with tons of food, tons more desserts and of course, tons more aguardiente (Colombia’s national drink, a rum, liquorice-tasting drink that will kill you if you’re not careful 

After spending a few days relaxing, reading and getting a nice gringo sunburn base, we headed to Anamaria’s beachside house.

No wifi, no town, just the ocean and tiny lizards running all over the house.

Plus a lot of pirated DVDs to watch on a super old TV.

And yes, you guessed it, a lot of Aguardiente.

Spent half the day in the ocean (increasing the saturation of that gringo sunburn. Spent the nights watching movies, listening to music and trying to catch tiny geckos who covered the house.

And yeah, Aguardiente, damn – that stuff.

For the first time since I can remember – as part of our 2019 ‘resolution’ (which don’t work unless they become habits) – deleted all social media from my phone to truly disconnect and be present with the beauty around me.

No mindless scrolling through newsfeeds, no FOMO and constant notifications about mindless posts and distractions….

Sounds of exotic birds, freakishly large crickets, ocean waves and Bad Bunny were the soundtrack instead.

Because the moments where you can disconnect are the ones that allow you to reflect and be grateful.

The moments where the outside world can’t interrupt you with meaningless notifications or requests.

The moments where you can reflect on your life and what you’re truly grateful for.

In our hyperconnected world these moments of disconnection are rare – which is why they are so required.

The more entrepreneurs I meet the more I realize how many of us are trapped inside our businesses, unable to achieve the freedom we all set out to achieve from day 1 of our journey.

And from plenty of my own plus my friends experiences – that sucks.

Our mission for 2019 is not to help you start or scale a digital agency. It’s to help you achieve true freedom & fulfillment as a human being.

How? By providing you with proven systems to achieve the business & lifestyle you deserve.

Perfect days should be the norm for entrepreneurs — not the exception.

Because that is the place where you can truly advance humanity in your own special, powerful and unique way during the short time we have on this planet.

Which is what this is all about.

2018 for many of us, including myself, was a year of personal struggle, patience and gratitude, in that order.

Not to mention personal, business and grey hair growth.

Here’s to you and the best 2019 of your life, fam.


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