El Cielo starfish

30 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cozumel, Mexico (in pictures)



1. This is the only piece of clothing you need…


2. The scuba diving is EPIC…Scuba diving Cozumel


3. This could be your villa…



4. Your family outings could look like this…


5. Or this…


6. You could do backflips into this pool…


7. You could swim with some of the world’s most venomous fishLionfish, Cozumel, Mexico


8. You could drink mojitos that are actually bigger than my abnormally large head…IMG_20140621_225852


9. The fish are friendly…Cenote Manatee


10. The turtles are too…DCIM100GOPRO


11. And the dogs laugh at your jokes…Laughing dog, Cozumel, Mexico


12. The kids are this cute…


13. And the babies are this cute…baby in Cozumel


14. You could chill hard at the Reggae Beach Bar mon’!DCIM100GOPRO


15. Where there are plenty of good vibes mon’!Good vibes, Cozumel, Mexico


16. Sometimes you can’t tell if you’re in a pool or the ocean…El Cielo


17. Because of the incredible crystal-blue water…


18. You could swim with starfish…El Cielo starfish


19. This could be your “gym”…Working out at Villa Yak a Lil, Cozumel, Mexico


20. You could party in Playa Del Carmen…Nightclub, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


21. After a short ferry ride and drive, you can scuba dive on another planet (almost)…Scuba Diving, Cenote Angelita


22. This could be your backyard…


23. Where there are heaps of beautiful fish and colorful coral reefs…DCIM102GOPRO


24. You could relax and unwind here…Chillin at Villa Yak a Lil


25. Or here…Cozumel, Mexico


26. Your selfies could look like this…


27. Or this…Villa Yak a Lil, Cozumel, Mexico


28. This could be your view, everyday…Villa Yak a Lil, Cozumel, Mexico


29. This could be your view, every night…Sunset at Villa Yak a Lil, Cozumel, Mexico


30. And, if the restaurant doesn’t have the beer you want, the waiter will run across the street through traffic to make sure you get what you want…IMG_20140625_212858

See you in Cozumel!

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