4 Steps to Eliminate & Prevent Overwhelm for Creatives

In this video, Matt shares a 4 step process to eliminate & prevent overwhelm as a creative, plus how to use the pain and anxiety caused by overwhelm to your advantage. At a high level, here’s the summary:

  1. Focus on the breath
  2. Objectify the situation
  3. Identify the source
  4. Decide next steps and take action

In the words of the philosopher Aristotle:

We cannot learn without pain.

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Some tips on eliminating overwhelm:

  • Identify the source of your overwhelm… is it a problem with Mind, Body, Relationships, Wealth?
  • Reduce negative inputs and influences (ie. limit social media scrolling or watching negative news)
  • Place actions in buckets (Do Now, Do Later/Schedule, Delegate, Delete)
  • If you’re approaching your goal and certain action items aren’t getting done, remove them, they clearly aren’t that important!
  • If you’re not approaching certain goals and todos aren’t getting done, identify the MITs
  • If earning over 100k/mo, prioritize value & wealth creation
  • If earning 30k to 100k/mo, prioritize cash generating tasks
  • If below 30K/mo, prioritize mind & body

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