The Solution to the 21st Century Digital Nomad / Lifestyle Entrepreneur Trap

The majority of 21st century “entrepreneurs” (freelancers, agencies, digital nomads) are not living the dream they bought into… they have become even more trapped by their businesses than the miserable jobs they escaped from.

Despite what you see from our selfies, the results aren’t mojitos in paradise.

Glamorous 100 hour workweeks with burn out, stress and a lot less freedom than we had planned.

Instead of #livingthedream we’re wondering where the missing chapters of the 4 Hour Workweek went.

We are #livingthedream but feeling #unfulfilled #empty #trapped #lol hiding behind our hashtags and highlight reel.

We live an existence of anxiety and worry, not fulfillment and freedom.


It’s clear what we need more than ever is not more information, but transformation.

As business owners we are obligated to provide this to the world, to fix broken philosophies and how we approach work, life, fulfillment, freedom.

Tim Ferriss said the purpose of investing resources into your business and your work is simple, “to improve quality of life”.

To not necessarily have multi-millionaire net worth status but instead to feel as if you can live and feel like you can enjoy a similar (if not better) lifestyle?

The goal of a business should be to help the owner achieve true freedom and growth without sacrificing profitability, quality of work or most importantly – quality of life.

Leaders, visionaries, nomads. Those types of people shouldn’t be stuck behind a laptop their whole lives.

The world needs these people to step up and create a brighter future of work.

Remember to zoom out from the daily hustle and ask yourself:

Are you building a life, or just a business?


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