Different Hunger Transformation Stories (Video Compilation)

What would you be doing 57 days from now in your wildest dreams?

After working closely with hundreds of agencies and networking with thousands more over the last few years inside our community, we’ve found that 57 days is usually all that it takes to transform your business and life in ways you never thought possible…

During those 57 days, we take clients through a 3-step process called the New Model transformation which we discovered after working closely with hundreds of the world’s top digital agencies over the last few years.

Using this 3-step process inside our Lifestyle Agency Accelerator program, agency overs are able to replace themselves from daily operations and build a Lifestyle Agency that provides true freedom and makes burnout and 100 hour workweeks a thing of the past.

(Because let’s be real, if your business doesn’t operate and grow without you holding all the pieces together – you’ve got a job, not a business)

By the end of implementing this process over 57 days, you’ll have a business model that allows you to close at least 2-5+ high ticket clients every single month and a delivery process that operates smoothly without you. You can view some of the incredible transformations we have created for students in the video above.

Phase 1 is the Automated Outbound (AOB) Growth Machine. During this phase we convert your organic channels into direct response lead generation funnels that attract highly qualified prospects who are thrilled to speak with you, all without spending money a dollar on advertising. After some upfront setup, this system can be fully automated and should generate 5-10 qualified strategy sessions per week and at least 2-5 new clients per month.

Phase 2 is the New Model Offer (NMO). In order to sustainably scale your agency, we must ditch DFY/custom services and projects for a streamlined, repeatable delivery process. Without the NMO in place, it is nearly impossible to onboard more clients without increasing payroll and operating expenses. After the NMO is setup, you will have a repeatable, proven process for delivering world class results for your clients, without your direct involvement.

Phase 3 is Replace Yourself. As long as your business cannot grow or operate without you, you’re a liability to your business. In the final phase we help clients set up their tech, systems and onboard new team members so that you are no longer needed for marketing and delivery. After this phase is complete, we require clients to take a week off to stress test the new system to ensure you have the certainty to know your business will be fine without you.

We help you execute each phase of this process step-by-step while providing the accountability, community, systems and mentorship required to ensure your success.

Since 2017, our philosophy, results and processes have been recognized by Forbes, Inc, The Next Web, mindbodygreen and many more. This process has been battle tested with our clients who have grown their agencies from scratch to more than $550K per month, avoiding burnout by replacing themselves and adding 2-5+ new high ticket clients every month like clockwork.

Most importantly, these people are living lives without limits. Their businesses are highly profitable, they can spend their time and money how they want and they are fulfilled by their life and work.

Read to become the next inspiring transformation story? Click here to apply and see if you qualify for the Lifestyle Agency Accelerator program.

Or want to learn more first? Click here to watch the Masterclass and learn more about the process.

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